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High Value Farmland + Agricultural Infrastructure  

High Value Farmland (EFU) means that good soil ratings are present that can more easily support agricultural efforts and produce better yields. This beautiful part of the Rogue Valley is highly desirable and a number of very expensive agricultural properties are located in this specific area. 

The Oregon Award-winning DANCIN Vineyards (and their cafe) are only a few minutes away. The Grestoni Vineyards, Dos Mariposas Vineyards and Fences Vineyards are within a short walk. The stunning hillside views are a gorgeous backdrop for your new vineyard or other agricultural venture.

Field Infrastructure Ready + Saves Time


The field was previously planted in olives, that is why the posts were installed for rows 13' apart. There is a water supply line at each post ready for drip line hookup. At the rear of the property is the second pump house which is for irrigation. The irrigation water is fed into four connected holding ponds and the pump draws from the pond closest to the pump house.

In addition, a four inch pipe system serves the in ground lawn sprinklers and a series of water outlet/riser stations throughout the north half of the property, including the wheel lines in the North East field. The system was designed with recommendations from Ewing Irrigation.

Building Area Ready + Saves Time


The present owners developed the south portion of the six acre field for a nursery operation which they later decided not to pursue. In addition to the paved culvert and gravel parking lot, numerous water faucets were installed throughout the front portion of the field for nursery stock. 

A large drive-through shade house structure is ready to setup for use. The agricultural building has a snap-lock roof awning at the rear that faces the west. The building itself is fully insulated, has high ceilings, several sets of French doors, and wonderful light. Although it was not required, the building design was reviewed and certified by a structural engineer

View to the West + your new vineyard?
Agricultural Building Garden

High Ceilings + Well Lit

Parking Lot Entrance from Arnold Lane

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