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Aerial Photo
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This property has a total of 11.46+- acres.  At the south, is the agricultural building and a large gravel parking lot with six acres directly behind this installation.


To the west is Dos Mariposas Vineyards and Grestoni Vineyards. Fences Vineyards are to the south. Dancin Vineyards and Stage Pass Vineyards are only a few minutes away. Arnold Lane is an arterial road, connecting West Medford to Jacksonville. The location is prime, beautiful country and close to everything you might need.

To the east is Memory Gardens, a well-cared for and beautiful cemetery park. It is a great place to take your dog for a walk or just take a stroll. 


There are four seasonal ponds on the west side of the property. Technically, these are characterized as 'irrigation bulges' by the Water Master. (the ponds are interconnected) An irrigation pump-house is located at the first pond which serves water riser 'stations' throughout the property.

A number of animals enjoy this area, bullfrogs, geese, ducks, Boer goats, and an occasional heron, to name a few.

Aerial of Property

Aerial showing layout of property. Arnold Lane is the upper road, to the east. There are three entrances to property from Arnold Lane. 

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